Sunday, February 10, 2013

iStock Mess Response

iStock continues to upset their core contributors by devaluing their work and opening their images up for possible free use on Google drive.  This whole ordeal spurred a massive movement of removing images to their site.  This action has spurred a response from the corporation owned by Getty images.  See the report below that basically says they are just working on it, but don't plan on providing changes right away.  Will you close your portfolio on iStock?

Google Drive
You may have already read our last update in the forums but once again, we'd like to thank you for your continued patience. To reiterate from previous posts, royalties have been paid in connection with the Google Drive usage based on all consideration received by Getty Images under the licensing agreement. We understand your concerns relating to the deal and we are making progress in a productive dialogue with Google about these concerns and potential solutions. As many of you have pointed out Google is a big company, much bigger than Getty Images, and coordinating across the teams there that will help with any modifications is taking longer than we might have hoped, but things are still proceeding.

Based on your concerns, we have also been working with Microsoft over the past several months to bring resolution to the license that was set up in 2007. Over the next 60 days all imagery licensed as part of this promotional arrangement will be removed from the online version of Microsoft Office. Keep in mind though that all licenses that were granted by Microsoft prior to the removal of the content remain valid licenses under the terms of the Microsoft EULA. As previously explained, if you see instances where your content is being used without or contrary to the iStock or Microsoft license terms, please let us know at

Our contributors are extremely important to us. We take very seriously our obligation of representing your creative work. While every deal is not perfect out of the gate, we strive to license your content in a financially beneficial manner and believe we largely succeed in this effort across the millions of customers and transactions completed each year. We are also working hard to make your content available to new customers in new uses through investments in marketing, technology and new business models. At the same time, we are investing heavily in technology, education and industry efforts to protect your copyrighted work and license your content responsibly.

All content should be removed within the next 60 days.

Connect-A new category for Getty API sales
Last summer, you may remember that Getty Images announced their API product, Connect by Getty Images. We talked about it in the June newsletter . We are at a point now where we are going to begin reporting royalties as the various deals mature. From now on you will see an additional category on the royalty schedule labeled, “Connect.” Since Connect sales are small, they are aggregated and reported on a monthly basis. We are pleased to say that the first royalties we will be reporting include several pay-per-view agreements we have with customers including Yahoo!, For the first time, we are able to pay royalties on revenue that is triggered by views of images that appear on pages with advertising. We know it will take time for these deals to ramp up but we are very encouraged by the opportunities we see to tap new markets and benefit from high traffic platforms seeking visual content to enhance user experience. You can Learn More about Connect at the Getty Images site.

Forums Redux
It’s long overdue but we are going to re-organize the forums! We know that finding information can be challenging, especially when you are just looking for the latest news. Pop into the forums and send us any ideas you have to make the current layout better!

2013 Payout Schedule
The 2013 payout schedule has not changed from last year however, we are happy to include links to add your payout type to your own calendars.These can be found here.

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