Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stock Site Changes

 A few changes to note that have gone into effect at a few sites.

Dreamstime has launched a mobile image section allowing you to submit cell phone photos and digital model releases.  To celebrate this new feature their next assignment will be mobile shots.  Also their is now a new category called "Mobile."  Other requirements are 3 MP minimum resolution still applies and we will not accept upsampled images.  DT is accepting model releases from: Model Release, ASMP Release and Easy Release (on both iOS and Android).  Join today!

SS has launched a new features called Portfolio Pages that allows contributors to show off their work via personalized URL's.  Another feature on your portfolio page is allowing you to create public sets.  So log in and and set up your today or join Shutterstock here.

Bigstock has launched a new partner system that will open their collection to other companies with the standard 30% commission rate.  These new partners are groups such as email service providers, website design services, ad builders, etc.  When you sell a photo through this new partner program it will say "Bigstock Partner" next to the image under the earnings page.  This program will be live for all photographers unless you choose to opt out.  Sign up for Bigstock today.