Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alamy Contract Changes

Alamy has adjusted their contributor contract for the coming year.  The biggest change was a 10% increase on commissions to Alamy from the Photographers side.  Alamy still has one of the highest payouts rates to photographers, but still following the trend of dropping royalty rates in the industry.  See Alamy writeup below.

The latest version of the Alamy Contributor contract, published on 20th November 2012, included some important changes to our terms.
For Contributors who registered before 20th November 2012, the new contract came into force on 5th January 2013, 45 days from the notification date of 20th November 2012.
For Contributors who registered from 20th November 2012 onwards, the new contract was in force from the point of registration.
What changed?
The most important changes to our terms were increased Alamy commission on direct and third-party distributor sales.
All key changes are summarised below, for easy reference:
  • Alamy commission on direct sales increased by 10 percentage points on all commission schedules
    • Alamy Blue (current model): Alamy commission 50%, Contributor commission 50%
    • Alamy Red (discontinued model): Alamy commission 30%, Contributor commission 70%
    • Alamy Green (discontinued model): Alamy commission 40%, Contributor commission 60%
  • Alamy distributor commission increased by 10 percentage points
    • Contributor commission 30%, Alamy distributor commission 70% (comprised of 30% Alamy commission and 40% distributor commission).
A new version of the Alamy Commission table was introduced as per below:
Alamy commission models, rates, fees and payment Current model
Alamy Blue

Alamy Distribution commission

For sales through our distributors

(30% to Alamy, 40% to the distributor) 70%
Alamy Novel Use commission

For sales through Novel Use 50%
Alamy video commission

For video clip sales 50%

Payment frequency - We will pay you monthly , if your Cleared funds exceed USD$175