Friday, October 19, 2012

Alamy Tweaks Editorial Content

Alamy has tweaked its editorial images by giving buyer more options on how they can sort through the images to find the perfect content.  See the full write up below and join Alamy here.

We’ve been working on a project aimed at engaging creative buyers while making life easier for our editorial customers.  We want creative buyers to be able to see creative images without having to search through editorial images at the same time.  But we don’t want editorial customers to lose the great Alamy experience they have always had, and so we have added some improvements for all buyers.

We have had internal and external teams of editors reviewing the images on Alamy starting with the existing creative collection.  The aim of this is to individually highlight visually striking images that will appeal to creative professionals.
Customers now have three new search options; New, Relevant and Best of.
These search options provide new ways to get your images found and sold.

New – A way for editorial customers to freshen up a search. The option shows the latest images on Alamy.  All images are sorted first by relevance and then by date of upload.
Relevant – Traditional Alamy, as our editorial customers know and love.  All images sorted using our conventional sort which combines a number of factors including relevancy of keywords and your AlamyRank.
Best of – This option is specifically designed with the creative picture buyer in mind and is where Alamy’s creative imagery will stand out.  This sort function combines the edited selection with customer data – this means images previously selected by our customers for that specific search. These ‘Best of’ images appear first and are then followed by the remaining images in relevancy order.

Our editors will continue to review the collection and as images are added and purchased, the idea is that the ‘Best of’ option will evolve.

Adding these new search options will help attract a different buyer to Alamy. When customers visit Alamy they will land on the appropriate search option depending on their customer profile.  All contributors will be defaulted to the ‘Best of’ search option.

See what Alamy CEO James West has to say about this on his video blog.