Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dreamstime New Pricing

Dreamstime launched their new level schedule for image pricing.  The new prices went live at the end of April.  Below is a image of the new chart classification comparing the 2011 levels with the 2012 levels.  Sign up here.

In short terms, what will happen starting tomorrow is that new files will be automatically allocated to level 1, instead of level 0. All existent files that have downloads will shift with one level up. New files (or existent files) that didn't sell for more than 24 months will be level 0.

In order to keep the royalties the same, we had to decrease them one per level. Because files went up one level they will actually bring you the same royalties, with the only drawback being that level 5 files have seen a cut. I hope this to be minimal though, thanks to the decrease in the number of downloads required (25 from 50d.). We have decided to keep the same royalties structure for subscriptions, as well as for exclusive contributors

This change expects to bring an average of 15-20% increase in contributors revenue, with higher values for new or lower sized portfolios.

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