Monday, April 2, 2012

Zoonar adds Getty as a Partner

Zoonar adds Getty Images to their partner distribution list.  Its interesting that they have it in their clause that you cant send the images to their biggest competition Veer and Corbis.  The second bit of news is they are dropping the commission rate by 10%  for partner sales.  Zoonar sales will still get commissions up to 80%.

Dear photographers,

we have important news for you:

1. We are pleased to present Getty Images as our new distribution partner. As of now you can only submit photos which don’t require a model or property release. We hope to offer you a new release management tool by the middle of 2012, which will make it possible for you to submit photos that require a release. Getty Images has generated high sales through its platforms Jupiterimages and Thinkstock which has made many photographers want to submit photos for this partner. We are expectant to see how many photos will be accepted by Getty Images. We have no figures based on experience yet, but we hope that most of your photos will be accepted. It is required however, that your submitted photos are not already on sale at Veer or Corbis.

2. We are also pleased about the number of submitted photos in our partner system. Because of high revenue generated by Getty, AGE, DPP Fotofinder and the other partners we get a lot more submissions now than a few months ago. Unfortunately, our costs for keywording, checking, translating, captioning and deleting photos has risen considerably.

For our partner system to be sustained and further expanded we need to decrease the commission rate from 60% to now 50%. We will change our terms and conditions accordingly, starting on 06/01/2012. From then on your commission rate for all sales through our partner network will be 50%. For your sales at Zoonar you will still get a commission rate of up to 80%.

Because we change our terms and conditions on 06/01/2012 you have a special right of termination within a period of four weeks beginning at reception of this newsletter. Should you wish to withdraw your photos from our partners please send us an email with your username and the names of the partners you wish to withdraw from until 04/30/2012.

We kindly ask you for your understanding once more and we assure you that the additional money we receive is invested in our partner network and the distribution of your photos.

Kind regards,

Your Zoonar Team