Monday, April 2, 2012

YAY Fresh Updates

YAY does some updates fresh updates on their site.  New features include downloadable stats via CSV files, new partners and a increase minimum megapixels requirement.  Read all about the updates below or join YAY here.

It’s time for a new update about what is happening at YAY:

First, we’re happy to announce that you’ll now get the sales stats as csv-files. You’ll find it under when logged in.

Some of you might see partner sales with a low price for each image. This is due to partner subscription of small or extra small images. On partner subscriptions we get paid for our share of downloads, and then we divide our share with the photographers with sold images. Therefore you will see a combination of large and small prices from the same partners, depending on how many images the customer downloaded, and your share of those images. If you have any questions about this – just e-mail me (reply to this email), and I’ll help you!

We also welcome Custom Medial Stock Photos to our list of partners this week. You can visit their webpage at Their customers are mostly from the United States, but the site is worldwide. We get a 50% commission on all sales, and you’ll get a 50% commission on everything we get. The prices are from $5 to $30. They are launching a new website in a few days. You can opt-out if you want:

Due to increased customer and partner demands YAY has increased our minimum file size from 3 to 6 megapixels. Only a small percent of the uploaded images are below 6 megapixels, so most of you won’t notice this change.