Friday, February 17, 2012

Le Corbusier and Getty

The Getty family (includes iStock) will be reviewing portfolios to remove any images of Le Corbusier furniture after a lawsuit was filed in France against Getty images on copy-write violation.  See their notice below on the items in question and its best to check your portfolios on all your sites for any of these furniture items.  These pieces can be found in several public buildings that you might have worked in and could just be in the background and not the center of focus. 

Recently we have had to take stricter action regarding images of designer furniture in creative imagery coming in to both iStockphoto and Getty Images, specifically the furniture of french designer Le Corbusier. The owners of these designs are extremely protective of their intellectual property and we need to take a hard line on turning away images that contain this kind of furniture.
We will not accept Creative images containing furniture from Le Corbusier. We may also deactivate existing files containing these or similar designs if necessary.
We advise all of our photographers to be aware of designer furniture present in your images. Investigate the designs. If the furniture is a recognizable item from a designer with a well-known name, the design may be protected. Err on the side of caution. You can avoid problems by not shooting this kind of material for Creative RF, here at iStock or at other Getty Images sites.
Here are a few examples of pieces of furniture that we will not accept into the iStockphoto or Getty Images collection. This list is non-exhaustive.

Designer: Le Corbusier