Wednesday, February 15, 2012

123RF New Royalty Rates

123RF launched their new royalty rates that will go into effect on Jan. 1st, 2013.  Originally they stated that a new rate would be fore new contributors, but it looks like that might have been abandoned for this new system at the end of this year.  They are leaving plenty of time between now and the end of the year to hear the feedback.  Below is their breakdown of how your rates will be give.  Join 123RF here.  It will be hard to swallow $0.216 for the lowest sub sales in the industry. will be changing its Contributor Commission Payout on January 1, 2013. From now till then, shall continue paying our Contributors at a rate of:
  1. 50% net value for credits
  2. $0.36 per download for subscriptions
From January 1, 2013 onwards – 123RF shall adopt the new Contributor Commission Payout schedule depicted in the table below:

    123RF shall round the monthly cumulative earnings to the nearest $0.01.

The mechanics of deriving a Contributor’s Commission are as follows:
  1.  At the end of every month, a Contributor’s total credits from all downloads in the previous 12 months shall be summed according to this table:
    2.  The summed credit amount shall determine the Contributor’s Level. 
    3.  The Contributor’s level will determine the commissions for each download in the preceding 

The aim of the new Commission Structure:
  1. Rewards Contributors who consistently send in quality Content that are in high demand to
  2. Takes into account the Contributor’s performance and consistency as well as acknowledge loyalty.
  3. Takes into account the growth of contributors vs. the growth of sales and the dynamic relationship between the two growth factors.
  4. Gives a stable, measurable, predictable and most important of all, specific milestones for achieving targets.
  5. Fosters healthy competition for new and old contributors alike.
  6. Encourages consistent and sustained uploading of fresh content to 123RF.
  7. Takes into account every seasonal sales variation or fluctuation and changes.