Monday, January 16, 2012

Things to Come at Mostphotos

Mostphotos CEO takes a look at the year 2011 and gives us a peek at what the year 2012 will hold for photographers and buyers alike.  Last year sounded like it was the year of getting things running better and this year will be the year of improving and fine tuning.  If you are new to Mostphotos you can sign up here.

2011 was the year when we started our first marketing campaign, kicking off with the Swedish market. The reception has been great, and our customers are even happier than we could ever have anticipated.

This past year, as we entered the market, we decided to put a lot of effort into creating functionalities that would benefit our users. Among other things, we improved the online shopping
experience with international invoice support, and introduced more attractive bundle options such as the ‘monthly’ and ‘download’ packages. In addition, we now have organisation support and collections, and we also have the request feature that was created during the year.

Alongside all this, development during 2011 has revolved primarily around internationalisation, with localisation into different languages, multilingual search, and support for different currencies.

Last but definitely not least, we’ve been busy building a brand new, powerful search engine with some unique filtering options. The release date has not yet been confirmed, but we expect to launch our new search engine sometime this Spring.

2012 will be the year when we take on the remaining Scandinavian markets in order to boost our sales. The focus will still be on selling our monthly bundles, as that’s where the huge majority of the sales are coming from. As last year we pushed mainly to improve the experience for photo buyers, so 2012 will be the year when we really improve the experience for our contributors, with new, interesting and useful features.

To summarise, Mostphotos has a plan: to become the biggest by doing stuff differently. With that in mind, I want to leave you with a quote from Gandhi:
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

I wish you all the very best for 2012.


Arian Bahrami