Monday, December 5, 2011

Rate Increase at Envato - Photodune

Envato has given a non-exclusive rate increase across all their sites and it is now officially live.  Typical marketplace authors where making 25% and will now they will be making 33%.  While several of the larger stock companies (Fotolia and iStock) have been giving us pay cuts, I am glad Envato is giving us a raise for our images.  If you are new to the Envato family check out their site here.  You can sell or buy several types of things from them, not just stock images.

Non-Exclusive Rates Increase: Now Live!

There's some exciting news for our non-exclusive Marketplace authors. We've increased the commission rate for all non-exclusive Marketplace authors from the old 25% to 33%. This means our non-exclusive authors will earn about a third more on each sale they make.
Non-exclusive authors have no need to do anything and will automatically receive the higher commission rate for all sales made.