Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shutterstock Launches iPad App

Shutterstock has officially launched their brand new iPad app. which is available for download now at iTunes.  The application will not only allow you to search images in a mosaic type view, but you will also be able to save them to your account for quick downloads.  Also part of the application is the ability to share via email or social media sites like Twitter.  Check out the write up below from the Shutterstock team.  To sign up for Shutterstock, click here.

As head of the Mobile team at Shutterstock, I’m excited to announce Shutterstock for iPad is officially live in the iTunes App store. (You can download it for free, here.)

After six months of researching, planning, developing, and fine-tuning, we hope customers find this application makes browsing for images a more seamless and beautiful experience than ever. With the simple swipe of the finger, you can:
  • Scroll through thousands of images, seamlessly tiled together in a unique Mosaic View that doesn’t compromise image quality or aspect ratio by cropping or distorting;
  • Save images into your existing lightboxes, or create new ones; and
  • Share them via email, Facebook or Twitter.
As I’m sure many of you know, getting to the point of app launch can be a challenging, yet exhilarating, experience. Since this was to be our first venture into the mobile space—and because understanding the customer and their workflow is always central to product development at Shutterstock—this initiative started with a bit of research.
About six months ago, we began noticing an increase in mobile usage of our web site. Specifically, people were coming to Shutterstock from an iPad, and they were doing so on the weekends. As we dug deeper via a mix of customer interviews, qualitative and quantitative research, we learned that people were getting requests on nights and weekends, and were finding it easier to sit on their sofa with an iPad than with a laptop.
Understanding how and where our customers were using the device meant that we couldn’t simply repurpose our website for the iPad. We had to build a unique experience that was more intimate, immersive, and engaging than a browser site, and yet one that enhanced our core functionality: the ability to search, save and share images.