Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ShutterStock Languages Update

Shutterstock is adding the ability to add key words in other languages besides English.  They do require that you to add a note to the review team on what the words mean in English.  Its a great concept for contributors in other countries, but I wonder if it really ends up being helpful if you still have to describe the keywords in English.  Either way, its a nice feature for them to add.  Full write up is below.  Join Shutterstock here.

Shutterstock serves customers all over the world, and we need creative images with global appeal. We have a demand for stock images that show text—such as signs and forms—in all major languages.
This poses a challenge, since we can only approve images containing text if we know what the words say.
Recently, we instructed our reviewers to begin approving more images with international text, as long as the contributor has included a note explaining all non-English text depicted in an image.
What this means for you:
1. As a contributor, please feel free to submit good, usable images that include non-English text in the image. The images you see in this post are good examples. Don’t copy these examples, but get creative with concepts/themes that may be of value in your own language.
2. When you submit images that include non-English text, please include a note to our review team, in English, explaining what the words mean.
With your help, we’ll be able to make more images from around the world available to customers.