Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deposit Photos VIP Status

Depositphoto's is rolling out more marketing features to bag some large profile contributors.  Very similar to when they launched their site they are offering features to help bring over your images to their platform.  One of these feature is getting a $0.10 per image, up to 500 images.  Also something I am not as thrilled about is higher positions in search results for large clients.  This is something I am sure several companies do, its just not something advertised.  If you are interested in joining Depositphotos click here.  Personal ranking of the site for me is between 3rd and 5th when it comes to earnings.

Depositphotos offers individualized collaborative terms for those photographers who have a large portfolio and would like to upload it to our site.

If you are a skilled and talented photographer or illustrator working with different stock photo agencies, and you have a large portfolio ready to upload to our site but no time to spare, we are always ready to assist you.

Our offer:
1. We are always happy to help you upload large numbers of images for sale
2. Higher positions in search results and special status of VIP authors at Depositphotos
3. Possible participation in the Photographer Promotion Program

Top photographers with large and high-quality portfolios who enjoy a popular following among buyers may be invited to participate in the Photographer Promotion Program.