Sunday, July 10, 2011

Veer Overhauls

Veer continues to grow and change accordingly.  First up out with the group ideas pages and cheesy portfolio page and in with a new profile page.  This new profile page will replace the locations above with a better way to promote your content as a designer or photographer.  All these changes went into effect last Friday so log in and start customizing your personal page.  Below is the office press release via Veer.

Dear Veer Contributor,
Last week, we let you know about some changes coming to the Ideas section this summer. As a contributor, the biggest changes you’ll notice are to the Portfolios and Groups features of Ideas. Both of these features will be retired and removed from the site on July 8th, 2011.  However, we’re looking forward to providing you with even better tools to promote your work, and get news and updates from your Contributor Team.  Today, we’re excited to start by rolling out new and improved Public Profile pages just for contributors, to replace the old Ideas Member pages. 
Your Public Profile will act as your personalized Veer homepage to present and promote your work—it’s your starting point to update and manage your content, and you can use it to highlight and show off your best images to buyers using curated Albums. Here’s how it works:
Getting started
Click on your name (top right of all pages, as usual) to navigate to your Public Profile page in your Account. This is where you can manage both your private content—Workspace, Dashboard, and Payment settings—and the content displayed on your Public Profile page. We’ve put everything in one place in your Account to keep things simple.
Customize your page
Let customers and contributors get to know you. In the right-hand side-bar, you can upload an avatar, write a short bio, create an alias, provide contact information, and display links to your personal website, Facebook page, and Twitter stream. All of these fields are optional—share as much or as little information as you like.
Show off your work on
You know your work best, and now you get to choose which of your images are promoted on your Public Profile page. Present them so they shine, through your curated Albums on your page. Create Albums according to theme, shoot, season, concept—it’s all up to you. As a contributor, when you create an Album, you’ll have the option to display it on your Public Profile, or keep it private. Albums you choose to display will appear to customers on your public page. Old Albums will default to private, while any new Albums you create will default to public. Click “Manage your albums” to change visibility settings.
Promote yourself and your work
Promote your images beyond by posting your public profile URL ( on your website, social networks, and in e-mails. The more people see your Veer profile and download your images, the more we can help you earn royalties.  The public link to your page lives just above your avatar, and below the Workspace, Dashboard, and Payment settings navigation.  People will see your personalized information, the Albums you’ve chosen to feature, and a selection of thumbnails from the rest of your portfolio. Buyers can also navigate to your profile from the Product Detail page that opens when they enlarge a thumbnail they’ve found while searching Here's an example of what your page will look like:
We hope you’ll be as excited about your new Public Profile page as we are. The ability to present buyers with customized Albums of your work is something you’ve been asking for, and we’re happy to be able to give you a tool to help you market your images better.
What’s happening to Groups?
As we noted at the top of this e-mail, the Groups section of Ideas is going away as part of the Ideas makeover. We’re currently working on an improved platform to present you with contributor news and information directly through, though it’s not quite ready for release yet. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to provide feedback and stay engaged with our Contributor Team through Facebook, Twitter, and The existing links to Groups discussions will also remain active for a time for reference, while we take inventory and find new homes for important information.
As always, we look forward to your feedback and questions. Thanks for your continued support!


The Veer Contributor Team