Sunday, July 10, 2011

123RF Makes Editorials Easy

123RF if making uploading your editorial shots even easier.  Now instead of make sure they are uploaded via a different link you can upload as normal and all images will be reviewed as editorial potential.  This will increase 123RF editorial contact and keep photographers from accidentally sending the images to the wrong place.  Read the office press release below and sign up for 123RF here.

As you may already know, we have implemented a new feature on our site, the Checkbox "If my submissions are unfit for RF, I agree to allow them to be accepted into the Editorial Section provided they are deemed to be newsworthy." is now apparent when you submit images to be processed.
We implemented this because we understand that contributors are (at times) unable to obtain/acquire releases for street photography and other images. Therefore, in order to save your time to re-uploading to the Editorial section, we're going to shunt these into Editorials for you.
Hence, our reviewers will only accept your submissions into Editorial section as below:
  • Upon your agreement {By marking/checking the Checkbox}.
  • Submissions contain trademarked content, brand, logos and/or without Property Release OR Model Releases
  • Submissions are deemed to be of a newsworthy nature.
The box is checked by default because reasons as below:
  • To ensure submissions that are good but not suitable for RF section can be accepted into Editorial section quickly.
  • Maximize profit of contributors.
  • Increase Editorial content.
  • If the submissions are NOT newsworthy, we will not push it to Editorial in the first place.
We hope that this will clear any doubts you may have.
Thank You
Submission Team