Tuesday, June 21, 2011

iStock Expands Editorial

So I am not sure if this is really good news for the average stock photographer, but iStock will be expanding their editorial collection to include all current photos from Getty Images.  Getty is a power house when it comes to editorial images, so to help lessen this blow they are putting a 6 month (180 days) delay on new images by Getty.  This will give all of iStock users a upper edge on their site for breaking news photos.  Also part of the deal iStock will help you get placed as a Getty photographer for editorial if that is something you like and have a talent for.  Check out the press release below for all the details. Join iStock here

New Editorial Collection
It's been an exciting few months since we added editorial photos to our library of images. We've been working hard to both grow the collection and tell the world about it.
Your editorial photos have been a big success so far — especially tech and product shots. But we've been learning some lessons, too. One of those lessons is that we need to round out our editorial offering to attract more customers from media, publishing and blogging.
On June 9, we're going to complement your current editorial portfolios with entertainment, news and location images from Getty Images. These are unreleased images of famous people and specific locations, taken with permission by accredited photographers and will be at least 180 days old.
We'd also like to help any iStock artists who want to shoot similar stuff get connected with the right people at Getty. If you're interested, send an email to gettyeditorial@istockphoto.com.
Similar to the Hulton Archive photos, these new images will belong to a single portfolio called EdStock.

New Editorial Search Option
We recently updated the search facet to allow our members to search specifically for editorial-use-only files. This new facet went live on May 30 and will help our non-creative consumers who are just looking for editorial files find them much faster and easier.

2011 Redeemed Credit Targets
On Friday, June 3, we announced the updated redeemed credit targets for 2011. These are the levels iStock artists will need to obtain to carry over the corresponding royalty rate for 2012. The changes are small (and for video and illustrations, the numbers are the same), but we do encourage all contributors to familiarize themselves with the new targets.