Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fotolia Changes for 2011

Fotolia has rolled out several updates for January, which is phase I of multiple changes they are planning on doing this year.  Some of the new features include faster search engine, recency filter, negative search option, show more option button, etc.  See below a for a brief description of the updates.  For contributors a less known change was to royalty, which you can find at the following link for the new structuring (yes it was a pay cut for most).  New Royalty Rates

We've been working hard on our search engine, and are proud to announce phase 1 of a series of new features. These features were at the top of the request list from the community:

Recency filter:
aimed at filtering content according to recency (3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year). This allows you to find new content, new artists and the most dynamic portfolios.

Negative search option:
Using the "NOT" option, this feature allows you to target searches more precisely. It is useful in cases where there are many synonyms for your search term, or when your search returns too many results.

Useful in cases of homonymy, or when your search gives too many results.

Ex : dog gives results with dogs and cats

Ex: dog not cat will give you all images including dogs, but no cats.

Display more search results:
You can now display up to 100 search results on the same page. It allows you to combine the power of a larger monitor with Fotolia's growing database of images to find your images faster.

Subscription Only Results:
A great time-saver for subscription customers - now you can display all search results that are available through subscription plans.

Speed Demon:
The new search engine has been optimized for speed, designed to manage all 12 million files... and the other millions yet to come!

search results have been fine tuned to better match your keywords and your region.  Sign up here