Friday, January 28, 2011


Brian O'Shea is moving onto bigger and better things at Corbis.  He will be passing the buck over to "Chelsey Schaffel".  Lets hope that she brings great new things to VEER and bring it even further into its own.  Below is Brian's letter about moving on. 

Hi All –

I’m proud of where we’ve taken things on Veer over the past couple of years. We’ve completed the transition from a premium RF and RM agency to offering a full slate of prices and content across the RF spectrum. With your help, we made 2010 a great year for our UGC collection and contributors – tons of new content and contributors from our massive Dash for Cash program, an improved royalty and stats display, we held our first Photo Op shoot event, and then ended the year strong by catching up on the review queue.

With a great year behind us and another great year ahead - it’s now time to pass the torch. I’m moving into a new role at Corbis, and will be helping to build out an online contributor platform for our macrostock (traditional stock) users. I will be passing the reigns of managing our microstock community and the UGC editing team over to Chelsey Schaffel. Chelsey has been our Content Curator, and has been at Veer for many years as a Researcher and an Editor. She’s got a great eye for photography and design, and the strategic vision to push things forward from here on out. In short – she’s really awesome. She’ll be stepping in soon to introduce herself.

Beyond Chelsey, the great team we have in place behind-the-scenes here stays the same. Ryan will continue to be your go to guy for support and will continue to answer questions in email on the forums. You’ll be taken care of with a passionate crew who are dedicated to great imagery.

I’ve loved getting to know many of you. I look forward to watching continued awesomeness happening here at Veer.