Friday, January 7, 2011

Free JPG+ Membership

JPG online site and magazine is offering a chance to check out their plus membership features for free.  Basic membership has always been free at JPG, but the JPG+ comes with added benefits.  Below is just a few of the features that come with the "+" mark.

No ads: JPG minus the ads is definitely a plus! All third-party ads will be gone, making JPG quicker, less intrusive, and decidedly more awesome. (Spotlights will still be displayed.)

UNLIMITED uploads: You betchya! As a JPG+ member, daily upload limits will be a thing of the past!

Get your originals: Download your full-size photos from JPG -- It's not a biggie, but we've received requests for this, so here it is! (Your originals are safe from theft: Only you can download them.)

Lightbox: Visitors to your photos will be able to view your photos on a variety of rich background colors that make your photos really pop!

Built in photo editor: Easily modify your photos using Pixlr's rich photo editing interface.