Friday, January 28, 2011

Biggers better at Crestock

Crestock brings 4 new files sizes to this site that spells more cash in your packet.  Also part of this update was pricing changes on their images and vectors.  This is a great new addition to consider the sizes of MP have skyrocketed over the last few years.  Below is their press release.

We launched 4 new file sizes in October and now offer your images for sale in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, depending on the size of the file you originally submitted. Our images now sell from $1 to $25, which increases your sales opportunities in both lower and higher price points from Crestock's original pricing structure. Remember: the minimum threshold for an Extra Large (XL) image is 6MP. We strongly suggest your submissions meet or exceed that size, so that your images are available for sale in the largest range possible. We also increased the pricing for all vector files from $10 to $15 due to their extensive scalability.

Size Pixels Resolution Price/Credits
XS0.1 MP400 x 250px $1 | 1
S0.4 MP800 x 500px $3 | 3
M2 MP1600 x 1200px $5 | 5
L4 MP2400 x 1600px $10 | 10
XL6 MP3000 x 2000px $15 | 15
XXL12 MP4200 x 2800px$20 | 20
XXXL20 MP5600 x 3600px$25 | 25
VVectorScalable size $15 | 15