Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Community Animation Special on NBC

I wanted to take a minute out of our regular stock photography blogging to share a great episode of Community on NBC that will be airing this Thursday Dec. 9th at 8pm/ 7 Central.  For those how know me personally I am a huge Community fan on NBC and tomorrows episode is a Christmas special stop animation show.  If you are new to Community I highly recommend that you check it out tomorrow night as it is surly going to be an outstanding episode.  This season so far has only gotten better sense the epic paintball episode from last season to tomorrow nights animation.  The following episode takes place as Abed undertakes the meaning of Christmas.  Each character is turned into a animation piece that relates to their caricatures personality.  The show is full of great stars such as Joel McHale (from the Soup), Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong (from the Hangover) and more.  Below is just a sample video of what is to come.