Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mostphotos Lauches Subscriptions

Mostphoto's has now launched a subscription based plan to go along with their pay as you go format.  The three options are:

  • Web (bottom package) which includes 10 downloads a day at 99 euro a month.  
  • Medium (recommended plan) includes higher resolution images, 30 downloads a day at 199 euro a month.  
  • The top package is Pro high resolution, 50 downloads a day at 299 euro a month.  

Subscription royalty rates for photographers is based on 50% commission and also based on home many photo's the client buys in a week.  So from my understanding if the client buys the web package and downloads 10 images in a month you get 9.90 euro.  However if the client downloads only 5 images then your payment is 19.8 euro.  This is a interesting system compared to several other sock companies who just pay a flat fee.  Its very fair for the photographers and I would expect the subscription sales will show up at the end of each month.  Meanwhile Mostphoto's is also celebrating hitting their 1 million image mark.