Wednesday, October 20, 2010

iStock "4" Collections

So as promised iStock has launched their newest collection called "agency collection".  This bad boy will join the general collection, exclusive collection and vetta collection.  So, how do you images get in all these collections, see the breakdown below.  With that said, the main factor at being apart of these special collections is you becoming exclusive at iStock, as two of them require it.  It will be interesting to see how well the new guy does coming off the heals of a very upset community at iStock and their new pricing structure for photographers.

"Main Collection
The majority of iStock images appear in our main collection. Here you'll find quality stock photos and illustrations that can cost anywhere from 1 to 15 credits, or up to 25 credits for complex vectors.

Exclusive Collection
The Exclusive Collection features photos and illustrations only available from exclusive iStock artists. Exclusive photos can cost between 2 and 25 credits depending on size, while exclusive illustrations are 2 to 30 credits based on complexity. Exclusive+ images are the best of our Exclusive Collection, as selected by the artists.

Vetta Collection™
Images in the Vetta Collection represent the peak of creativity on iStock. These beautifully crafted photos are handpicked for their exceptional art direction and conceptual execution, and cost between 30 and 125 credits.

Agency Collection™
Our most recent collection, Agency, is made up of images from exclusive iStock artists, as well as select photos from our partners. They are unique stock images with top-notch production value, and a focus on commercial content and cultural diversity. Agency Collection photos cost from 55 to 200 credits"