Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cucaster Improvements

The team at Cutcaster has been working hard to clean up their system to provide top products to their customers.  They now have a collection over 525,000 photos and illustration.  They are also working hard on a back-end overhaul of the website while they just released a new version of their search engine, which provides faster and more accurate searches.  Cutcaster is always working hard to keep their clients and content providers with great information, feel free to take their survey below to provide feedback.

"We want to improve and provide the best service to you as is humanly possibly but we need your help. Please lend us two minutes of your to complete our anonymous Photo Contributor Survey. If you buy images take this survey for a chance to win an iPad or 500 Cutcaster credits."

Also just launched is a new fun programs where you can provide a caption for their image of the week and win some free credits.  Check out the caption of the week on their facebook back here.  Finally they have launched a new educational resource section that is dedicated to helping buyers and image providers knowledge to understand the complex copyright laws.

Sign up for Cucaster here