Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crestock Boost Ad Dollars

Crestock continues to go through massive changes as its new ownership strives to improve the site.  Below is a letter from the new CEO Joan Fischer about the forthcoming improvements and where they stand today.  A few things to note is they have restructures the site, launched a new logo, greatly improved processing and payment times along with a huge boost in AD dollars that they are spending to get the word out about Crestock.  Also mega blogger Ellen Boughn has joined the team with new fresh stock photography posts.  Check out what Joan has to say below.

First, let me say a belated “hello”. Since I joined Crestock 6 weeks ago I have been focused on nothing but re-launching the company into the marketplace and have missed greeting all of you who make this business possible.

Second, I want to thank you for sticking with us through the change. We fixed some lingering problems immediately following the change of ownership: we promised and delivered timely payments, faster image approvals, and same-day responses to your questions.

But, mainly I want to share with you what we’re doing now and what we are planning.

Our participation in the Visual Connections trade show in New York last week was a success. We reintroduced the company to image buyers with its new logo, improved website, and a vastly accelerated search capability - and we were well received. Virtually nobody who came to the booth knew about Crestock previously. People were happy to hear there was a new option in the marketplace. And the affiliation with Masterfile was viewed as very positive. So this was a solid start.

Ellen Boughn has joined the Crestock community with her weekly blog posting. We know that her expertise will provide value to each of you.

Our extended price-point range launched this week, providing Crestock clients with image prices ranging from $1 to $25 – and we increased the price for vector files from $10 to $15.

In the last week of October, we will be launching an extensive internet ad campaign to get the word out on Crestock far and wide. As a point of reference, our advertising budget for the next six months is double Crestock’s annual sales in 2009 – so we clearly intend to make a success of this company!

We have a long list of new projects for the upcoming months. If you have questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. But the simple equation is this: the better we do, the better you do.

Take pointers from Ellen. Give us your best.

Thanks again.