Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dreamstime Referral Program

Dreamstime upgrades and stiffens the competition for referral programs.  They are increasing the bonus for grabbing an exclusive elsewhere photographer or adding a bonus for a past photographer who has left them for other companies.  This is great timing considering all the turmoil that is taking place at istock and their new royalties breakdown.  Write up below describe in better detail from Achilles:

1. Every exclusive-elsewhere member that starts to upload to Dreamstime will receive the upload bonus that we award to our exclusive photographers:
$0.20/approved image. This goes into effect today and ends November 15. All you need to do is email us the link that shows you are an exclusive contributor elsewhere and your account with us. On November 15 we will count your uploads and will award the bonus for all accepted files.

2. Same offer applies to exclusive-elsewhere members that have disabled images on Dreamstime. They will receive the upload bonus for all newly uploaded files (not for enabling the disabled files though). Naturally, these re-enabled files will gain their previous search placement and price level, so they will enjoy much better sales and royalties than from new uploads.

3. We will award the 10% share of the bonus+future earnings to all members referring such users (you just need to include your referral's username in your email or use it at registration time). Additionally, existing members who will motivate exclusive-elsewhere contributors to re-open their Dreamstime account (should they already have one), will be awarded as their referral users. An email to support is all that is needed. We've been bombarded with emails about disabled files. If they appear in your Disabled files section, you can enable them. If not, it means they were deleted and you need to re-upload.

These may seem as small things but that's what the butterfly effect is about. Generating big changes from small ones. Referring 10 users will bring the same revenue as it would from your own Dreamstime portfolio. We expect a hig number of submissions and the best 4 months of the year. 
Depending on the impact, we reserve the right to end this promotion sooner.

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