Friday, August 13, 2010

VEER New Look

At the end of July VEER launched with a new streamlined look and feel.  The combined several of the confusing aspects of their site such as multiple locations of types of image.  Everything is in one search now, woot woot.  To kick off the celebration you will notice 25 extra credits in your account when you log in...but hurry, those credits will vanish on Aug. 31st, 2010.  Other new features are listed below.

Fonts Affordable new fonts
There are now over 12,000 fonts to choose from at Veer, with individual fonts starting at just $10. Exciting new releases from some of the most talented designers in the world are added every month.
Two ways to pay, new ways to save Two ways to pay, new ways to save
Use a credit card every time you check out, or save time and money by loading your account with Veer Credits – a prepaid option that helps you save up to 56% on all images, fonts, and merch.
A simplified shopping experience A simplified shopping experience
All Veer images are now royalty-free, available in six standard sizes, and accompanied by worry-free licenses. Plus, you can search every image and font collection at Veer from a single search box.