Tuesday, July 20, 2010

F5 updates on iStock Photo

iStock Photo has been working on a major overhaul called "F5" of their site, starting in late August as mentioned in a previous post.  Here is some additional information that has sense come out.

The project well come out in several phases, phase 1 will be for Contributors.  Colors, layout, etc will all be changed with some special real estate for just contributors.  A new contributor lounge will be made grouping together information, resources, and functionality for artist.  A important item in the background of phase 1 is programing that will allow iStock to grow and redevelop as needed.  Most of these changes are coming from the feedback that contributors have been giving over the years.

Stay tune to more information I will post as its released.  Meanwhile iStock hit their 7 millionth image mark.

Preview of F5 by nicolesy: