Friday, May 28, 2010

Microsoft Office Plug-in & iStock Photography

Calling all stock photography users, iStock launched a new Microsoft Office plug-in that lets you insert iStock images directly into your documents.  This is also a great feature for contributors as it makes all your images available at a touch of a few buttons.

If you're a Microsoft Office user (and there's a few of you out there), then we're sending iStock straight to your desktop. The FREE iStock Ribbon plug-in lets you search for and insert iStock images directly into your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents, straight from inside the applications themselves.

The iStock Ribbon is currently available for Windows-based computers and is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 or later. Download the plug-in here and install it on your machine to get started. You'll be able to search directly from PowerPoint or Word, using your existing iStock account.