Sunday, March 7, 2010

BigStockPhoto ----> BigStock

BigStockPhoto drops the Photo in the name to reinvent itself at BigStock. Shutterstock bought them a while back and have geared up the new face with a flashy clean new name, logo, and overhauled website. I can only guess that we will see BigStock adding other media applications like video down the road now that their name is more versatile. Below the screenshot are just a few other upgrades the guys have been working on. Join BigStock here.

An entirely new design focused on clean presentation and ease-of-use
  • A new and enhanced search engine
  • New image sizes with larger previews and thumbnails
  • A “liquid layout” for search results and lightboxes, allowing users to see more images on the page
  • Full support for multiple forms of Boolean logic in search (for example, show me: horse AND gallop NOT farm)
  • New navigation
  • Redesigned and improved upload tools for contributors
  • Updated and edited text throughout the site
  • A transition from “galleries” to the more traditional “lightboxes” as a place to save favorite images
  • New blogs with tips and announcements for both contributors and buyers
  • Updated logos and branding
  • Additional search engine optimizations for Google and others
  • …and much, much more. Since the entire interface has changed, hundreds of improvements have been integrated into the site.