Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 2010 Stats

Well, due to a nice surprise at Shutterstock this January ended up being my best month every with my Stock Photography. I found out that I got my first Extended License over at Shutterstock, something that I have only seen once at Dreamstime. I doubt Feb, will be this nice, but here is to hoping. The top three guys this month was Shutterstock, then Dreamstime, and rounding out the top three was 123RF. I look forward to increased sales at 123RF when they launch their editorials section. Like always, check out the lovely pie chart for a full list of companies I had sales with this month (click to increase the size). Also, all other stock sites I have images at can be found on the left side of the blog. Oh, and I would also like to welcome DepositPhotos on the map with my first sale with them, which is great for such a new company.