Sunday, January 3, 2010

Zymmetrical Closed Its Doors

Zymmetrical closed its doors on Dec. 30th according to the press release...although I logged in yesterday so today is the official door closing ceremony. But either way, they are gone and everyone's photos are being removed. Sounds like they just want to focus on their clip art side at flyerstarter instead of the stock photo side. Below is a write up from our padres over at Zymmetrical as they with everyone there best.

It is with deep regret we must announce Zymmetrical is closed. The stock industry and the economy in general are a hard situation these days, and we have made the difficult decision to close the operation, preserving our health and future potential.

We met a lot of friendly image producers & agents who are doing great things and working hard in these turbulent times. Sales were up, business systems were finally getting stable and fast, but you need to know when to fold. When your job is not making you happy any more then it's one of those times - and what makes us happy is creatives getting properly paid for the output they produce, in a sustainable way.

All content on Zymmetrical will be securely deleted from the system, with the same attention to detail and respect for Artists that we exhibited throughout the short life of Zymmetrical. Flyerstarter Services Ltd. will carry on growing at our original site, Vector designers are strongly encouraged to have a look, if you are already had a Zymmetrical account you can login with those credentials. Business is booming and we have some great new features coming online.

Keith Tuomi will continue leading Flyerstarter.
Paul Melcher can continue to be found saying it like it is on his blog.

I would personally like to express eternal thanks to everyone who participated, your patience and understanding is truly appreciated.

Keith Tuomi
Director, Flyerstarter Services Ltd.