Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Deposit Photos launches Referral Program

Deposit Photos adds referral options to their site. Its a pretty sweet program if you ask me, here are the highlights.
  • Get $0.05 for every photo uploaded by a user up to 1000 images (total of $50).
  • Get $0.03 for every referral that sells a subscription image.
  • Get a 15% commission for every fixed pay as you go package.
  • Get paid $10 for placing a web banner on your personal website.
  • Subscription plans for buyers payout:
+ 10% - 1 month
+ 08% - 3 months
+ 06% - 6 months
+ 07% - 12 months
  • Get a fixed amount for SMS sales:
+ $0.05 - SMS1
+ $0.10 - SMS2
+ $0.15 - SMS3
+ $0.20 - SMS4

This is one of the most aggressive referral programs I have seen in the stock industry, hopefully this will lead to a strong start as Deposit Photos tries to get the world out about their company. I would also like to take a moment to let you know if you are a photographer then you can get paid for your first 500 images uploaded at $0.20 a piece...equaling two $50 payouts.

Personal good news on my half is that I have received me first sale with them, meaning they are now on the board compared to several other start-up companies that have been around for a while. I would like to think that this is because of their aggressive advertising about their launch and very clean website.

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