Monday, January 18, 2010

Cutcasters New Years Resoultion

Cutcaster has come out with the 2010 New Years Resoultion of everything they plan to accomplish in the upcoming year. I hope that this works as sales have been, well empty over there. They team is very friendly and dedicated hopefully we will see good things out of them. Check out their write up below.

What a year 2009 was! With the Aughts (00s) drifting out of our memories and 2010 taking shape before us, we wanted to thank you for your continuous support and give you a glimpse of what to expect in the next 52 weeks from Cutcaster.

2010's focus is on the Photo Buyer and our New Year’s resolution is to educate more buyers about the benefits of choosing Cutcaster. We know you're not supposed to say a New Year’s resolution out loud because it's twice as onerous a duty but we know the hard work before us is to prove we can satisfy any buyers' needs and provide them an amazing selection of content when they search Cutcaster.

In the New Year, expect us to:

  • Increase buyer awareness
  • Re-vamp the clipfolders and checkout area for easier bulk buying
  • Tweak our search algorithm so the results are more diverse and relevant
  • Make more direct sales calls
  • Speak at more conferences to get the word out
  • Introduce Cutcaster API’s
  • Promote more exclusive content on Cutcaster
  • Spend as much on advertising in both print and online as we can afford

What they got done in the Year 2009:


  • Hired two more software developers to improve site performance.
  • Cutcaster goes bi-coastal with offices in New York and San Francisco.


  • Started major changes in the way our search engine works.
  • Added 800 photographers and over 45,000 photos and vectors.





  • Increased site speed.
  • Sales grew over 60% from May.


  • Hired a new Creative Director.
  • Started editing and refining the entire collection.


  • Introduced our premium Crescendo Collection.
  • Made further improvements to the search engine and site speed.


  • Hired another software engineer to re-structure our database.
  • Sales increased 30% AGAIN this month!
  • Spoke at an ASPP event in Boston in front of many buyers on stock licensing.
  • Made huge changes to the photo search engine.
  • John got married


  • Focused on featuring our photographers in specialized clipfolders.
  • Attended PictureHouse, introducing Cutcaster to hundreds of new photo buyers.
  • Halloween sales were way, way up!


  • Spoke at the 6Sight conference about photographers making money off their photos.
  • Grew to 400,000 images strong
  • Added 600 corporate accounts


  • Celebrated a year of growth and success on our second year!
  • Made big plans for 2010!
  • Had a few big orders at the end of the year. Best month ever at Cutcaster. Looking forward to keeping the momentum going into 2010

If your interested in joining the Cutcaster as a buyer or seller click here.