Friday, December 11, 2009

The New Dark Room

So I pose the question is the New Dark Room closing? They have never been a great seller or a big player on any scale, but they continue to truck along trying to carve their piece of pie out of the stock world. When arrive at their homepage though, you see new updates from 2008 with that last item posted on their FRONT page in May of 2009. That is a long time for not touching your site. But this is not all the has me wondering. Recently they closed my account...which is fine sense I have never sold an image. But here is the kicker, my images still show up. But before you freak out, they do say "This photo isn't available for sale". Either way, I thought it is best to email Devin (the owner/admin guy) about the issue. Well the only way to get a hold of them is through their own contact address on their page...which is not a valid email address. All this brings me back to the question, did the New Dark Room turn out the lights? If you still have images up, let me know what you think.