Wednesday, December 9, 2009

iSyndica Improvments

More upgrades and improvements to iSyndica. They add a new client, Catooh, to there list of channels along with the new stock audio beta feature. Check out the comments below.

Catooh: Newest Photo & Video Channel on iSyndica

Catooh MarketplaceWelcome to Catooh our newest distribution channel. Catooh is available for Photos, Videos (and soon Audio). With this addition to footage, we now support 8 stock footage agencies, 6 promotional channels and an unlimited amount with our Generic Video Connector. For photos, even more. Log in now to add Catooh as a channel.

Participate in Our Stock Audio Beta Test

Do you sell stock audio? Join our stock audio beta test. We've been busy building this new category and now invite you to join our private beta. If you are interested or know someone who is, reply to this email and we'll set you up.

iSyndica Continues to Improve

Our continued dialogue with you helps us identify bugs and features to improve. One of the biggest complaint we've been reading from you has been the renaming of your files during syndication. We have stopped doing this in favor of retaining your original filenames.