Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dreamstime Drops Canvas Prints

A very short lived program over at Dreamstime was the adding of selling canvas prints and posters via a third party company. This program started up in October and is already being dropped due to having troubles with the third party. See the quick post below

We decided to remove the prints program announced here. The logistical hassle and dependence on third party services made us reconsider the future of this program. It is also the reason why you didn't see too many updates. This program wasn't able to take off properly. It's the first time we had to remove a product since our inception, 5 years ago. No matter how difficult is to withdraw features that required a lot of work, I consider such move wiser than supporting a program that proved neither able to compete with our core model nor able to help it grow. New programs need to be disruptive in order to compete with core models. Furthermore, our customers experienced significant inconveniences and shipping delays. None of them were Dreamstime's fault, but these flaws jeopardized our image in front of customers. All these correlated with the logistical hassle and synchronization burden made it obvious that we need to remove the program as it doesn't meet our standards. We will discontinue the product starting Dec. 15th. If you want to order, you can still do it until this date, but take into account that the items might not arrive until Christmas. Thank you for your understanding.