Thursday, November 5, 2009

iStyndica Upgrades

Some more great updates over at iSyndica as the strive to make their site even more of a one stop shop. A few months ago the launched a cool free feature that let you post your images, video, etc to several sites for advertising (facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.). There however was a issue that several photographers noted....a crappy water mark at the very bottom. Problem solved, iSyndica now lets you choose upload your own watermarks for this distrubution option. Also upgraded are several new reporting tools.

Custom Watermarks! How Does It Work?
Apply a custom watermark* to all your images, videos and illustrations and distribute them on Flickr, YouTube & more.
Upload a .PNG file to our new watermark manager to create your own watermark and decide on the resolution of the image. Some of you prefer to send smaller images on public sites and this update lets you do just that. You will find all these options on the channel configuration screen.

*Note that you will need a PLUS subsciption or above to enjoy the full benefits of that update.

More Reporting! What Else?
  • We've added more channels in Reporting and now support 23 sites. Get all the numbers you want from one place. And expect more improvements soon.
  • Custom sizing available for channel syndication too! You decide what image size you want to submit to your respective agencies. Maximize your sales by sending large formats where you will get the most money.
  • Mark your items as Approved/Rejected. In the Syndicate view, click on an image and mark it with the appropriate status. This marks the first step in helping you understand how to shoot more successful images
  • More channels: Over 40 sites now available as you share with us the agencies and sites you distribute your images to. ClipDealer is our newest addition, available for photos and illustrations.
  • Smart Icons for Generic FTP: When we recognize your FTP server, we automatically change the icon. No more confusion when syndicating your content.