Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 3D Studio brings Loyalty

Well the The3DStudio is trying to bring long term photographers to their site. They are offering a whopping 70% return on all your images with this program. If you opt out, you still keep the 60% return...the only catch is you have to agree to keep your images on their site for a minimum of 5 years. Also added are the last 100 customer search feature. Take a gander below.

Member Loyalty Program open to all!
When we originally launched our Member Loyalty Program (MLP) at the end of September we had originally required a certain number of products to be eligible but we quickly were told by all of you that loyalty shouldn’t be restricted to product counts. We couldn’t agree more and so we’ve opened the MLP to all members now that we’ve finally caught up with the initial rush of members.

Earn 5% lifetime referral commissions
Refer a friend or an enemy to The3dStudio.com and you can earn 5% of their sales for the rest of your life. Anyone can use the affiliate links in our referral program so be sure to grab your links and post them on your website, blog, email signature, forum signatures, etc.

Report - Last 100 customer searches
We’ve updated the “Last 100 customer searches” report in the reports section (Sell > Reports). You can now sort by category type (3d models, stock photos, etc) to see what customers are searching for in real time. We also include the number of matches a search generated along with a link to see the actual search results.

This is a great way to see what customers want and fill any voids or update your keywords if needed.