Sunday, October 18, 2009

Joshua Bell - CD Review

I want to take a moment out of my typical photography blogs to share some of my personal thoughts about Joshua Bell's new album "At Home with Friends". For those of you that don't know Joshua, he is a classical arts that is outstanding violinist. He has currently around 6 or 7 albums and this latest one was based off the idea of the several informal musicales he would host at his home with other artists and friends over the years. Each song he wanted to give something different from the last one. You will see a large selection of performers that he works with so if you don't like one skip it and go to the next.

My personal thoughts on the album are that if you enjoy classical music then you will enjoy many songs on this CD. I will say I personally like about half of the songs and the other half are just ok, as in they aren't my type of sound. I typically am not huge of opera and I run hot and cold with musical themed peaces and their are a few songs like that on the album. With that said, what makes it a great CD is how Joshua assembles a large array of classical artist so if you don't like one song then a fresh one is around the corner. The top song on the CD for me is Come Again, featuring Sting. Checkout his links below and hang out on the blog while listing to the samples of this CD. Tell me what you think of the songs, signing, and all other sounds enchanting your ears. This is a special blog brought to you through the opportunity of working with One2One Network, hopefully I will have more albums and products to share with you done the road.

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