Monday, October 26, 2009

Huge iSyndica Updates

So there has been a huge number of updates at iSyndica. First off they have added Zymmetrical to the many list of accounts that you can track and upload using their website. For those that don't know iStyndica is a service that allows you to upload to many stock photography sites via one location. Depending on how much you upload depends on if you want to use their free account or pay to upgrade to the higher class accounts. There tracking of sales is a wonderful tool and does not cost you anything, you might want to check it out.

Part two of the iSyndica update is a new feature allowing users to advertise their newly uploaded images to sites like twitter, facebook, flicker, etc. iSyndica continues to become a full access platform for all your stock photography needs. Below is the right up straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

Part ONE:

We are happy to let you know sales reporting for Zymmetrical is now available on your iSyndica account. Data has now been loaded up and any sales you made is now visible on your Analytics Dashboard.

As you know, Zymmetrical offers a (outstanding!) 70% commission on all sales. This rate is used to report your commissions only on your iSyndica dashboard.

Our thanks to the folks at Zymmetrical for their help making this possible.

Part TWO:
We are very excited to announce the release of our newest feature. Take advantage of social media to promote your work with "Promotion". It's available for photos, videos and illustrations. Click here to start using it.

What exactly is Promotion? Jumpstart your social media activity! Promotion gives you the ability to distribute your images and videos to popular media-sharing and social sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. 3 elements make this feature great:
  1. EASY: Distribute your images to these sites with just one Icon"
  2. SAFE: We watermark your images automatically. You don't run the risk of getting your images stolen
  3. FREE: For photos and illustrations; 2 credits only for videos
How does it work? Configuring "promotion" is done the same way as regular sites. Go to the channel tab in iSyndica, select a site and enter your information.

: You can distribute photos and videos to Twitter through TwitVid, TwitPic and YFrog. If you have a Twitter account, simply use your Twitter username and password to configure those sites.