Thursday, August 27, 2009

Change's in the air for Mostphoto's

Some major changes coming to Mostphoto's. Mostphoto 3.0 will launch in early September with several updates for the better. First off, IE6 support will be dropped. Not a big deal unless you don't do updates, which if that's the case you wont like 3.0 as its an update. New upload process is streamlined, improved image tagging, improved voting on images and more. Read below for some highlights or go to their running blog.

Image processing
Your image will be queued for processing as soon as it is completely uploaded to Mostphotos via any of the upload methods. So if you are uploading to the ftp, you don't need to visit the site to start the import any more. And your photos will appear on the tagging site as soon as they are processed. So you can start working while our severs work on the remaining images.

A progressbar will be visible on the site while you are browsing around that shows how many images are in waiting to be processed and how many that are ready for tagging. You might have to wait a few minutes if there are a lot of people uploading photos at the same time but we will show you a ETA on the processing and send you an email once all the images have been processed. So you can spend your time doing more creative stuff than waiting for a progressbar to finish.

The chatbar
The current chatrooms on mostphotos has one big downside. You need to stay on the chat page in order to keep talking to the other members on the site.
So we decided to move the chat to a toolbar that will follow you around while you are browsing the site. You can use the small arrow to the right to hide the bar or turn it off in the control panel if you feel that its in the way.

The chatrooms
We have also added avatars to the chat to make it a bit more personal and messages will be grouped if you write several messages in a short period of time.
The new chat has support for personal direct chat bigger chatrooms with a lot o members.

The view page
This is the new view page, this is the view you get when you look at one of your own photos.
We added a quick way to update the image information to the right, so no more clicking around to change the description or add some keywords you forgot.

The voting system
We have heard a lot of comments regarding the rating system on the current site so we descided to make it a bit more easy to use and a bit more kind to the photographers.
Instead of rating the images from 1-10 you will simply tell the photographer if you like the photo or not. The "likes" doesn't make the index score of the image, it's just a way to complement the photographer. We will use the likes for some of the image ranking for our logged in sellers but it will not change the order of the images for a buyer.