Thursday, August 27, 2009

The 3D Studio

There are three major updates to report at The3dStudio site. For those of you that don't know about them, they are one of the leading 3D and Texture websites for professionals. The biggest announcement is they are now the only site I know of that has no minimum requirements for getting your payout...must use paypal. They have jumped into the stock photography world, check them out. Read below for the new news.

PayPal minimum balance requirements removed
We’ve been working hard to automate our royalty payments to you so that we could remove the $50 minimum on PayPal payments and I am very happy to say that we have completed that upgrade. Everyone who uses PayPal as their payment method will get paid each month regardless of how much you are owed. We will be starting this with the September 1st payment. We know these are tough times and we want to do our best to help get your royalties into your pockets as soon as possible and this new update will help us do that.

Navigation changes

You may have noticed a few changes to our site navigation buttons recently. These upgrades are being done so we can further expand and better separate out the various sections of the site. As a Member Seller and/or Affiliate you will spend a lot of your time under the new “Sell” section. The old My Account section has been renamed to Profile to better reflect some future expansion.

New profile pictures

As part of some of the future plans we have, we have release the ability to upload a picture to your profile on You will find a link to the
picture upload page under Profile or Blogs. Right now, your uploaded picture will be linked to your profile and shown on your Blog (if you blog on As we expand, this picture will be show in a few other areas as well but we’ll get to that in a future newsletter! So, now is a great time to get those pictures uploaded and be prepared for some cool new additions that are all coming soon.