Monday, July 27, 2009

Veer Marketplace Live

Veer Marketplace is officially live. For those new to Veer, they have been a traditional licensed site until now. Veer stepped into the micro-stock world with the transitioning from SnapVillage to Veer Marketplace. Below are also several updates from their news letter.

- The tens of thousands of awesome images that contributors like you have uploaded over the last month. Buyers can now search and license your images, and newly approved content will be added to the site daily. - Credit-based pricing and payment, available in pay-as-you-go credit packs or through subscriptions. - Images will be highlighted more prominently in search results with a new dual search pane that puts microstock next to traditional rights-managed and royalty-free images. - An improved search experience will help customers filter search results by price with four tiers: Way Cheap (from $1), Cheap ($9-$100), Spendy ($49-$350), and Worth It ($49-$655). Now that credit-based pricing and payment have been introduced, your royalties will be linked to the credits customers use to license images. For full details on credits packs, subscriptions, and how much you earn, check out the Veer Marketplace rate card.
There are also some important contributor changes to highlight:

- More control over how your name, company name, or brand name is represented: You can now add an alias on your Ideas member page, which will also appear on all image detail pages.

- Metrics on approved files:
On the "Approved" tab on your Dashboard, you'll now see metrics for the number of downloads and views, as well as total royalty earned for each file. A complete royalty and statistics panel is coming soon.

- Illustration setting for JPEG files:
You'll notice a new set of radio buttons in the metadata section in the Prepare and Submit tab on the Workspace page. You don't need to change anything for photos, but selecting "Illustration" for JPEG-based, non-photo illustrations helps ensure search filters include your files in illustration searches. EPS vectors are automatically marked as illustrations, so no changes are necessary for those files.

- Age range and ethnicity on model releases:
If you choose to use the model release dropdowns for age range and ethnicity, the appropriate keywords will automatically be added to those images.