Thursday, July 30, 2009


SnapVillage doors are finally closing. Starting on Aug. 1st the lights go dark on the little guy, but don't worry...all the action has been moved over to VEER. Photographers will have all their remaining balances paid out no matter what you are owned. Also you will have access to your images for 30 days and on Sept. 1st all files will be removed. Below is the company write up.

R.I.P. SnapVillage

Hello SnapVillagers,

We are fast approaching the final stages of the transition from SnapVillage to Veer Marketplace. After transferring many SnapVillage contributors over to Veer Marketplace in the Spring, we’re now working to finish transitioning customers as well. As we’ll be wrapping this process up very soon, we will be shutting down this Saturday, August 1st.

As of August 1st, will no longer be available and visitors will be redirected to Veer Marketplace.

Any remaining unpaid royalties will be paid out on September 15th. We will pay out any and all accrued royalties, regardless of whether or not the remaining balance meets the $10 payout threshold.

We will retain access to image files in the system for no more than 30 days in order to ensure remaining customers have adequate time to download previously purchased files. After 30 days, all files will be removed.

After we’ve completed and confirmed the final royalty payout – your accounts will be removed as well.

There are no steps that you need to take – this will happen automatically.

If you haven’t checked out Veer Marketplace yet – stop by and say hello! You’ll find an advanced contributor upload tool and a growing pool of artists plugged into the Veer creative community. Buyers will find loads of great content, easy to use credit packs, and flexible subscription options.