Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fotolia Premium Subscriptions

Fotolia is launching premium subscription plans for their stock photography site. After several request from their customer base they have agreed to allow downloads of high-resolution images, vectors and video clips. Currently their subscription services only included lower resolution images for the cheaper prices. I personally allow most sites to offer my photos as a subscription item, but as in the past will several sites it will be intresting to see the photoghers feedback. Photographers will get a higher sale count for these images over the standard plan. Below is the new commission rates for the premium sales only

Ranking Premium Subscription
White 0.35 credit
Bronze 0.36 credit
Argent 0.37 credit
Gold 0.38 credit
Emerald 0.39 credit
Sapphire 0.40 credit
Rubis 0.41 credit
Diamond 0.42 credit