Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FeaturePics Pricing Overhall

FeaturePics is overhauling their pricing to better compete in the stock photography market. Their old system was the name your base price for the original and auto adjusted from that if you selected to resize. Starting July 17th however they will be converting all their images into a preset price for buyers. I personally think this is a smart move as it makes it easy for the buy to know what the images are going to guess work. For photographers it will take out the hassle of pricing each image and making sure you have the best price for the most resize options. I say, "welcome to the business world FeaturePics, may the sales start to roll in." Below is the break down of the new pricing, note this is for standard category only. Images in the Mid and Gold levels are still prices by the photographer.
  • Sub Sales = $0.25 (must by a plan)
  • 0.4MP = $0.80 (Volume download plan)
  • 0.7MP = $1.00 (Volume download plan)
  • 1 - 4MP = $3.00
  • 4 - 7MP = $5.00
  • 7 - 10MP = $7.00
  • 10 - 15MP = $10.00
  • 15 - 20MP = $15.00
  • 20 - 30MP = $20.00
  • 30+MP = $25.00
As for the categories for submitting work work. They will have a mix between budget images, general stock, and mid stock levels. This system is already in effect and as of June 30th all images have been filtered into the Standard Category.

Standard Images (GENERAL)- The Standard Image Category is for images with standard prices according to their dimensions. Standard Images can be purchased with Volume Download Plans or individually (priced higher than 2.00).

Mid-Stock Images - The Mid-Stock Category (called Macro-Stock in the past) is for images that are NOT in other Micro-Stock Sites and meet a specified quality level to differentiate them from the Standard Images. Mid-Stock Images CAN NOT be purchased under Volume Download Plans. Mid -Stock Images can ONLY be purchased individually.

Gold Images - The Gold Images Category is a derivative of the Mid-Stock Category. Gold Images are a selection of special images promoted by FeaturePics. For this reason, they can NOT be purchased under a Volume Download Plan. Gold Images can be purchased ONLY individually.

Finally the commission break down. This is pretty standard with all stock companies, with a few changes here and there.

  • 50% - For all standard individual sales
  • 60% - For all midstock individual sales
  • 70% - For all gold individual sales
  • 50% - For volume download plans and credits
  • $0.35 - For Subscription sales
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