Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cutcaster Updates

Latest news letter from Cutcaster about upcoming changes. They are a great team to work with, maybe it will help them grow and bring in some exposure.

"With summertime in full swing and the Fourth of July fireworks now just a distant memory or your most recent photo-shoot, we wanted to share our Cutcaster plans that are in full swing for expanding the amount of unique content buyers are asking and searching for at Cutcaster as well as improving the customer experience so more buyers learn about how simple and time saving Cutcaster is to use.

A few updates:

More and more creatives are discovering how easy to use and organized our Cutcaster Buyer Accounts can make their work lives. They offer the most flexible ways to pay and save buyers both money and time. The buyers accounts have been refined based on feedback we have gotten with regards to streamlining/customizing the invoicing process, creating sub-accounts and downloading comp’ed images.

The ability to buy different photo sizes at different prices is just around the corner. We have been beta testing the functionality so we can offer up to 5 different image sizes for buyers and things are on track for a release by the end of this month.

We began testing out three new Google Adwords campaigns that will be put into full swing by end of August once we get all our tracking and most appropriate keywords in place. In addition, we have continued to optimize the site and your studio pages with search engines so they come up higher in organic search results. A great way you can help us is by linking to the site and your studio from your website with a referral link or through a link exchange. You can also use the "share" button to get more views and sales. If you have a site you want to add to our list of resources, please let us know.

We have started to sell our first few Extended Licenses and are excited to offer the additional rights to our buyers to meet their needs and see the extra money that brings into the contributors. It is a real win-win. If you want to learn more about the additional rights you can purchase, check out the Extended License section of the site.

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Please double check your keywords so we have clean search results. Here is more info on keywording to help you. You can also flag files that show up in keyword search results where they shouldn't belong by clicking on the red "x" underneath the thumbnails in the search window. This really helps us.

Thanks again and please be in touch with any feedback or questions you may have. We look forward to a productive summer and busy Fall with all of you.

Your Cutcaster Team"