Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep Review


          I am here to take a moment out of our standard blog to talk about a new book by Dr. Harvey Karp called "The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep."  As a new dad I figured this is a must read book as we got Dr. Karp's other book "The Happiest Baby on the Block".  Both books are written for parents to help read the signs of their newborns and on.
          A little background on Dr. Harvey Karp, MD.  He a award winning pediatrician and focuses on unparalleled knowledge, experience and insight on solving the number one concern for new parents, which is lack of sleep.  He became a child development specialist and assistant professor of pediatrics at the USC School of Medicine.  He completed med school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and worked at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.  Besides working with thousands of patients in his practice he has also worked with superstars like Madonna Michelle Pfeiffer and Pierce Brosnan to soothe colic, boosting infant sleep, reducing tantrums and promoting patience to make a happy baby and parents.

       The book is a great one to own as it has some very useful tips in it.  Overall if you can only buy one book I recommend buying his first book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" as it has a more overall scope of what makes a baby happy.  The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep expands on one or two chapters of the first book.  As you are reading you will see several items that just make sense and are no brainers.  With that said, there are several topics that he covers that make you look at the topic from another angle.  Some such topics are how to train brand new babies to sleep better by teaching them to sleep an extra hour in the first weeks.  He talks about what white noise machines are good and what to look for to avoid getting a bad white noise machine.  One of the biggest and most important things I found in the book is the art of the Swaddle.  Swaddling dramatically improves the baby's sleep as we have discovered with our new born baby. He will talks about the tips of correct and incorrect swaddling.  Overall I think this is a great tool for any new parent and worth checking out.  Its a quick and easy read so you can plow through it very fast or skim topics that interest you.

Get the book here at Amazon (about $12) or any major book dealer.  Below are links from the author and other helpful info.

For more information go the following links:
The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep Site 
Happiest Baby Website

Disclaimer: I am participating in a book review campaign with One2One Network. I received this book from Harper Collins for the purposes of reviewing it. I have not received compensation. My participation in the campaign enters me into a drawing for a gift card. All opinions stated are my own.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

iStock Update - Google, Microsoft and more

Large announcement on various news items over at iStock.  To of the biggest subjects are the Google deal and Microsoft deal.  Microsoft deal is done and the images are being removed while they are still working with Google Drive.  Read all the important news below.

IP Wiki

The iStock and Getty Images teams are very happy to announce the relaunch of a new and improved IP Wiki. This is a guide for contributors (and customers as well!) to some of the legal issues that can affect what you shoot and what we can accept at each site. High Fives to Shaun Lombard, Benoit Beauregard and Jeff Feltmate for all your hard work! We will update this regularly so bookmark it and visit often!

Forum Shuffle

It’s been over 10 years since the forums launched and it’s high time we did some spring cleaning. In early March, we will be making some significant changes to our current format that we hope will make it easier to find the latest news and updates from Headquarters.

Illustration Updates

Raster News

We're beyond thrilled to announce the imminent launch of a project that is long overdue and has been on our collective wish list for years...moving rasters to the illustration category!

Starting in the coming weeks, when clients search for illustrations they will see every vector and JPEG illustration on the site. From there they will be able to filter their search results to view only vector artwork if they choose. Clients looking for photos will no longer see ilustrations in their search results. Bortonia has created a post in the forums that should cover most questions about rasters and how it effects you as a contributor.

Vector Thumbnails on Getty Images

We've been hard at work the past several months working on solutions to the vector thumbnail color shift and cropping issues on both Getty Images and the Partner Program sites (Thinkstock,

We've made multiple improvements to how our system handles the generation of vector preview images. These improvements include far more accurate colors, less visible banding and compression, and better cropping.

Moving forward, all vector files moved to GI and the PP sites will have their previews generated by this new system. We still have a large backlog of files to move so clearing these is our biggest priority, but at least we know that their previews will be far better than those we've made in the past.

We are also working towards reprocessing the existing thumbnails over the coming weeks. Once this is complete we will let you know however please understand that moving the backlog of files is still our main priority at this time.

Google Drive Update

First, we would like to thank you for your continued patience in this process. Getty Images and Google have been working very closely together over the past few weeks to resolve your concerns with the presentation of your content in Google Drive and we are in full agreement about the importance of protecting your intellectual property. We are in the process of working together to refine the messaging around end user rights and restrictions, as well as to ensure that the metadata is associated with the images in Google Drive. This work is in progress and we are looking forward to spelling out all of the changes for you as they are completed in the near future.


This month, iStock will be joining the ranks of inspired pinners around the globe. Similar to our other social media channels, we'll be inspiring a broader creative audience with the quality and breadth of our content, while also driving brand awareness and traffic.

You'll notice boards like Tips and Tricks, The World of Mobile, Design Elements and Free Images to engage creatives with iStock's current free image of the week. We will also be highlighting our exclusive artists and showcasing locally relevant work; all attributed and linked accordingly. In addition to this, we will only be using small, watermarked images that link directly back to the file close up pages.

We know we’ve talked at great length in various threads about Pinterest and specifically about copyright protection. Getty Images is taking steps to add all iStock content to Image IRC in 2013. This means that all your content will be “fingerprinted”.

ImageIRC is a technology platform that enables images to be identified and attributed to their creators wherever they appear on the web. Currently, the ImageIRC contains over 139 million premium still images from 200 individual partners worldwide.

If you’d like to read up a little more on Pinterest…
Pinterest Terms of Service
Pinterest Copyright

Follow us at Pinterest.

Microsoft Update
We are on track to have all of the iStock content on Microsoft removed by the end of March.

Fotolia New Office

Quick news update from Fotolia.  They have opened their 22nd office, with the newest location in the Netherlands.  Check it out below.

Fotolia settles in the Netherlands!

Is Fotolia is the #1 stock photography in Europe? YES
Is it a reason to stop expanding our local markets? NO

Fotolia is opening a new office in the Netherlands! This will be our 22nd office worldwide, just as our image collection is about to reach 22 million files!

As always, we keep striving to be your go-to resource for all things creative!

123RF Adds New Features

123RF launches two new features to their site.  First up Audio is coming to the site and they will allow you to set your price points per a chart.  See below for how to upload your stock audio and the royalty breakdown.  Second they have announced a new image size of ML which will push everything up 1 credit from the Large price point.  A full chart is listed below.  Sign up for 123RF look for the link on the right size.

Adding 'Audio Stock' to its list of endless digital creative content, 123RF is inviting Audio Composers and Authors to send in their audio clips, sound effects, music tracks and compilations to be included in its all-encompassing collection.

You'll be able to access a worldwide clientele via the platform. 123RF can now be viewed as the ideal launch pad for audio professionals looking to market their projects to the creative industry.

Contributors get 30% to 60% of the selling price. And the best part is, you get to decide how to price your project using our 5-tier pricing system as showed below :

*Contributors can choose to price their creations to suit the complexity of their work.

Uploads are done via FTP and we will even provide a CSV import function for those with a large collection. We've even included a comprehensive audio content submission guide on’s blog: for your reference. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

We are pleased to announce that ML sized images will be available for sale at Thus, prices for all current images, L size and above will be revised.

Below is 123RF's previous image price list:

S size 1 credit
M size 2 credits
L size 3 credits
XL size 4 credits
XXL size 5 credits

And this is what it'll look like following the introduction of the new “ML”image size:

S size 1 credit
M size 2 credits
ML size 3 credits
L size 4 credits
XL size 5 credits
XXL size 6 credits

The Royalty Commission (RC) requirements will remain in effect, with L sizes and above gaining an additional 1 credit as shown below:

L 4 RC

Note : With the introduction of the ML size, we are offering our clients the opportunity to purchase images of L size and above at their original prices before the new price list is fully implemented. This promotion campaign will run until March 31st, 2013.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shutterstock Goes Mobile with Sales

Press release from Shutterstock that now allows downloading images directly to your tablet or cell phone on apple products.  Check out the release below.

We know our contributors are always interested in getting their work seen by as many customers in as many ways as possible. With that in mind, here’s an update on what we’ve been doing to help you promote and license your images on mobile devices — and let you track your results on the go, too.

The Shutterstock App for iPhone and iPad — now with downloading!

We recently updated our award-winning app to make it available on iPhone as well as iPad. Both versions let users search and explore images, scroll through a seamless mosaic of options, add selections to Lightboxes, and share them with colleagues. The apps have been a huge hit with customers — to date, over 300,000 users have downloaded and begun using them!

This month, we released version 2.5 of the app, giving customers the ability to download images straight to their mobile devices. This new feature is available with version 2.5 for all photos and some illustrations. (Vectors are not currently included, as the Apple iOS doesn’t natively support .eps files). We’re thrilled to offer yet another way to license your images and help your earnings grow.


Track Your Sales from Anywhere with Shutterstock Contributor Mobile.

The Shutterstock iPhone and iPad apps are focused on the needs of customers, but Contributor Mobile is just for you. We spoke to a lot of contributors who check their downloads and earnings frequently — often multiple times per day — so Contributor Mobile is designed to let you quickly see your stats wherever you are. Also, because it’s an HTML5 app that works right in your mobile browser, it will function on nearly any web-ready device.

Just visit from your browser to access the app on the move. For more info on Contributor Mobile, including tips on adding the app to your home screen, click here.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments this year from the Shutterstock Mobile team. As always, we’re committed to your success, and to finding innovative and inspiring ways for people to discover and download your work.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

YAY adds Partners

YAY announces new partnership with Pond5, Zoomy & Photokore.  Read about it below.

Hi, I hope you are doing well!

We at YAY would like to give you a short update on the latest news.

First, we're happy to announce three new partners in our partner program: Pond5, Zoomy and Photokore. You will find more information and opt-out at the API information page.

We know some of you would like to get more information about your sales at YAY, as well as your partner sales. We've been running a bit behind on this, but plan to update the pages soon. Therefore we would like to know what information you find most important, and what features you are missing on our sales- and api-page. Other suggestions are welcomed as well.

Sometimes it's a bit difficult to understand why an image has been rejected. To improve our review service the reviewers can now e-mail the photographer and explain the reason for rejections. If you have questions about rejections you can also e-mail us at Our head reviewer, Irina, will help you.

Have a nice day!


Linda and the YAY team

Sunday, February 10, 2013

iStock Mess Response

iStock continues to upset their core contributors by devaluing their work and opening their images up for possible free use on Google drive.  This whole ordeal spurred a massive movement of removing images to their site.  This action has spurred a response from the corporation owned by Getty images.  See the report below that basically says they are just working on it, but don't plan on providing changes right away.  Will you close your portfolio on iStock?

Google Drive
You may have already read our last update in the forums but once again, we'd like to thank you for your continued patience. To reiterate from previous posts, royalties have been paid in connection with the Google Drive usage based on all consideration received by Getty Images under the licensing agreement. We understand your concerns relating to the deal and we are making progress in a productive dialogue with Google about these concerns and potential solutions. As many of you have pointed out Google is a big company, much bigger than Getty Images, and coordinating across the teams there that will help with any modifications is taking longer than we might have hoped, but things are still proceeding.

Based on your concerns, we have also been working with Microsoft over the past several months to bring resolution to the license that was set up in 2007. Over the next 60 days all imagery licensed as part of this promotional arrangement will be removed from the online version of Microsoft Office. Keep in mind though that all licenses that were granted by Microsoft prior to the removal of the content remain valid licenses under the terms of the Microsoft EULA. As previously explained, if you see instances where your content is being used without or contrary to the iStock or Microsoft license terms, please let us know at

Our contributors are extremely important to us. We take very seriously our obligation of representing your creative work. While every deal is not perfect out of the gate, we strive to license your content in a financially beneficial manner and believe we largely succeed in this effort across the millions of customers and transactions completed each year. We are also working hard to make your content available to new customers in new uses through investments in marketing, technology and new business models. At the same time, we are investing heavily in technology, education and industry efforts to protect your copyrighted work and license your content responsibly.

All content should be removed within the next 60 days.

Connect-A new category for Getty API sales
Last summer, you may remember that Getty Images announced their API product, Connect by Getty Images. We talked about it in the June newsletter . We are at a point now where we are going to begin reporting royalties as the various deals mature. From now on you will see an additional category on the royalty schedule labeled, “Connect.” Since Connect sales are small, they are aggregated and reported on a monthly basis. We are pleased to say that the first royalties we will be reporting include several pay-per-view agreements we have with customers including Yahoo!, For the first time, we are able to pay royalties on revenue that is triggered by views of images that appear on pages with advertising. We know it will take time for these deals to ramp up but we are very encouraged by the opportunities we see to tap new markets and benefit from high traffic platforms seeking visual content to enhance user experience. You can Learn More about Connect at the Getty Images site.

Forums Redux
It’s long overdue but we are going to re-organize the forums! We know that finding information can be challenging, especially when you are just looking for the latest news. Pop into the forums and send us any ideas you have to make the current layout better!

2013 Payout Schedule
The 2013 payout schedule has not changed from last year however, we are happy to include links to add your payout type to your own calendars.These can be found here.

If you haven’t popped over to the Fuel blog lately, you're missing out! Every week, the Content Team updates it with eye catching imagery.